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Xbox Live Indie Games gets stay of execution

Microsoft looking into preserving titles.

Microsoft has delayed the shutdown of its indie games programme for Xbox 360 until next month.

Xbox Live Indie Games was due to end today, according to a tweet by ID@Xbox. However, the closure has now been delayed until 7th October to allow players more time to get games before the store closes.

The store will start to close on 7th October but, due to the way the programme's servers operate, some games may still be available for a day or two after this date. Players will still be able to re-download and continue to play the games they own as long as they are bought before the cut off date.

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The closure of Xbox Live Indie Games doesn't necessarily mean its titles are lost to the void. Microsoft seems keen to find a way of preserving the titles as well as continuing its work with indie developers through the Xbox Live Creators Program.

"When we first announced sunsetting of XBLIG, we mentioned that we were working internally to see how these games could be archived for posterity, so that researchers and scholars could be playing them far in the future," said Microsoft. "We don't have anything to announce here about that today, but ensuring these games take their rightful place in history is important to us and we are continuing to do research here."

So if you haven't grabbed the games you want yet, you still have just over a week to do so.

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