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Xbox Game Pass for PC leaves beta next week, gets price increase

Subscription fee doubling to match Xbox One.

A little over a year after its initial launch, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service for PC will leave its "beta" phase next week, receiving a significant price hike in the process.

Microsoft brought Game Pass to PC last June, initially offering just over 100 games (around half the size of the Game Pass catalogue on Xbox One) for an incredibly low introductory price of £3.99/$4.99 USD a month, fittingly around half the cost of Game Pass on console.

That low price has remained in place even as Game Pass' PC catalogue has continued to expand. Now though, Microsoft - which has always made it clear the introductory fee would only last the duration of the beta - has confirmed Game Pass PC will see its monthly price double to match Xbox One when it enters General Availability next Thursday, 17th September.

That means subscribers can expect a monthly charge of £7.99/$9.99 from now on, although Microsoft notes existing members will pay the current rate through the next billing cycle.

The good news is that PC players can expect a significant boost to Game Pass' catalogue later this year when the service joins forces with EA Play. At that point, some time this "holiday", Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on Xbox One and Game Pass PC members will gain access to a 60-strong line-up of EA titles, including FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, and more.