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Xbox 360 exclusive Gun Loco revealed

"Sprint-action" to "redefine" shooters.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix has announced an Xbox 360 exclusive called Gun Loco.

Due 2011, the game is described as a "sprint-action shooter" that spans both single and multiplayer game modes. Gameplay involves running, ducking, jumping and vaulting, all while shooting. The press release reckons Gun Loco will "redefine" the run-and-gun shooter.

The premise is that wacky criminals on some faraway, forgotten prison planet are so desperate to escape that they're going to shoot each other to pieces. You'll be one of the "unique and memorable" cast of "characters, each of which has their own kill move and "mocking" take-down taunt. Kenny Wong, a bloke who lives in Hong Kong and makes action figures, has designed these "surreal socio-paths".

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