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XBLA double tomorrow

GripShift, Arkadian Warriors.

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Xbox Live Arcade will be alive with the roar of flying car engines and the steady rumble of subterranean thumping tomorrow when Sidhe Interactive's GripShift and Sierra Online's Arkadian Warriors announce themselves at 9am GMT.

The former is an already celebrated PSP and PSN release on Sony formats thanks to its blend of physics-twisting racing and puzzling, and arrives on Xbox 360 with a new deathmatch mode to complement its excellent single-player challenge mode.

Arkadian Warriors, meanwhile, is a hackandslash of randomly generated dungeons with co-operative multiplayer for two players over Xbox Live and a progression structure built around acquiring loot, mastering spells and gathering weapons.

Both games are set to go for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30) and will be accompanied by the usual 12 unlockable Achievements for 200 gamerpoints and demo versions to help you make your mind up.

If you want some help making your mind up about GripShift, of course, you could always read our GripShift PS3 review or last week's interview with Sidhe boss Mario Wynands. Look out for reviews very soon.

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