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GripShift sequel 'on the cards'

Sidhe boss tells Eurogamer.

Sidhe Interactive boss Mario Wynands says that a sequel to the PSN and PSP title - due out next month on Xbox Live Arcade - is "definitely on the cards".

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer in an interview published this morning, Wynands said the developer had "a lot of great ideas".

"Strong sales of the XBLA version will help make that a reality, and we are confident that we will achieve our projected goals."

The original GripShift was pretty popular on PSP, but won lots of new friends when it launched on the PlayStation Store alongside the new console, offering a mixture of racing and puzzling that really benefited from PSN's leaderboards.

When it arrives on Xbox Live Arcade next month it will introduce a deathmatch mode and, Wynands says, other surprises yet to be revealed.

For more on how it's shaping up, check out our GripShift XBLA interview and exclusive screenshots.

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