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XBLA Carcassonne detailed

Due out this summer.

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Xbox Live Arcade title Carcassonne, based on the board game of the same name, is due out this summer.

That's the word from publisher Sierra Online, who released some screenshots recently and confirmed other details too.

Carcassonne, in its boardy form, is about placing tiles to annex the medieval countryside and amass points, and so it will be here, as players try and claim the biggest towns, roads and farms.

Sierra promises adaptable AI skill levels, or five-player Xbox Live support if you want to play online. If you're going for a game on one console, the max player-count is four.

Naturally there will be a tutorial, and we're also told that all 72 tiles, all rule-sets and the "Rivers I" expansion tile-set will be accommodated, which probably means more to people who've played the actual game, but we reckon we're bluffing it fairly convincingly.

Of course, if you're some sort of bizarre Sierra fanboy, then you won't have to wait too long for another dose of Xbox Live Arcade: Sierra-owned Wanako Studios are releasing 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures tomorrow, as you can read about elsewhere.

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