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Carcassonne coming to iPhone, iPad

German board game hits this month.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

German developer The Coding Monkeys has announced that a version of the popular German board game Carcassonne will hit the Apple App Store sometime in May.

According to the developer's blog, the iPhone version will be released first at a price of $4.99 in the US and €3.99 in Europe (we're still waiting to hear back on a UK price). A universal edition, designed for either the iPhone or iPad, will reportedly be released sometime later for $9.99

In Carcassonne, two to five players take turns placing land tiles and trying to secure control of the ever-expanding map. The iDevice versions of the game will support single player matches against AI opponents or multiplayer face-offs via play-and-pass, local WiFi, bluetooth and internet play.

We thought the 2007 Xbox Live version of the game was playable enough, but noticeably inferior to competing Xbox Live board game Catan.

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