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WRC 2 official rally game release date

Finders Kuipers.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

WRC 2, the official 2011 FIA World Rally Championship game, will release in October, publisher Black Bean games has announced.

The game's being made by Italian racing specialist Milestone for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

WRC 2 packs all the proper real-life drivers and cars, plus has 90 stages, 15 locales and 25 different terrain and weather combinations. Let's reiterate that: 25 different terrain and weather combinations.

There are nine car categories, ranging from vintage 1960s models to modern day monster motors, 16-player online races and a revamped Career.

So, that's WRC 2 - was WRC 1 any good?

"It may let down the sport it depicts with an overall deficiency in polish, general lack of cohesiveness and a few silly design flaws, but a little more time spent in the service area fine-tuning its various elements and next year's edition could be spraying the bubbly while standing on the bonnet of its achievement," wrote Eurogamer reviewer Joao Diniz Sanches, turning up 7/10.

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