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World of Warplanes delayed to November

Stay on target.

Wargaming has delayed the launch of World of Warplanes to add spit and polish.

The flight combat MMO will now see a staggered launch on the 12th and 13th November across Europe and North America.

"We are committed to releasing a great title and are doing everything to ensure that World of Warplanes gets the final polish we believe the game needs," said World of Warplanes boss Vlad Belozerov.

"The extra time will allow the development team to fine-tune the game balance and make sure that every feature is top-notch before launch."

World of Warplanes is in open beta now. Wargaming said experience points earned during the beta will not be reset when the game goes live. Instead, the total sum of your experience points will be evenly distributed between the pilots of low-level warplanes from the five national lines featured in the game at release.

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World of Warplanes


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