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Wire-free Vive Focus VR headset rolling out globally this year


The wire-free Vive Focus virtual reality headset is getting a global rollout later this year, and developer kits are being sent out from today.

The Vive Focus doesn't need to plug into a computer nor does it requires external sensors, which are two of the most annoying things about virtual reality set-ups as they are.

Instead, the Vive Focus packs an onboard processor and "inside-out" tracking technology (world-scale tracking plus 9-axis sensors plus proximity sensor), meaning you can bob and weave and presumably even play outside should the fancy take you.

The Vive Focus has an 2880x1600 AMOLED display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Apparently the rechargeable battery lasts for three hours. Full Vive Focus tech specs are on the website. The Vive Focus also comes with a diddy controller.

It looks a bit like an aubergine emoji from the side. What?

There's no word on price but the current Chinese cost of a Vive Focus translates to £440-£480 depending on colour (blue or white).

The Vive Focus news comes hot on the heels of an April shipping date and £800 price tag for the Vive Pro headset, which leaps up in resolution to 2880x1600 pixels, has built-in noise-cancelling headphones and a redesigned head strap.