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Wii U has finally overtaken Xbox 360 in Japan

Oh, and PS4 did quite well.

The latest Japanese chart shows that Nintendo's struggling Wii U has now - finally - sold more than Xbox 360 in the region.

Unsure if good news.

Wii U has now sold 1,643,095 units in its home country, compared with Xbox 360's 1,641,528 lifetime to date total.

Nintendo's console is currently selling around eight to nine thousand units a week, while Microsoft's console sells a far smaller amount, usually a couple of hundred.

But Wii U still has a long way to go to catch up with lifetime sales of the PlayStation 3 (9.8m), and even the PlayStation Vita (2.5m).

The star of last week's chart was PlayStation 4, whose launch numbers have already hit headlines. It sold a grand total of 309,154 units during its launch week - a number matched by sales of platformer Knack (a pack-in title in Japan).

Sony announced last week that, prior to its Japanese launch, the console had sold more than 5.3 million units worldwide since its launch late last November.

That figure will be at least 5.6m - already 600,000 ahead of Sony's target for the end of the financial year.