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GDC: Wii shipments hit 50 million

That's faster than PS2.

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UPDATE: Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has confirmed during his GDC keynote address that global shipments of the Wii have now reached 50 million worldwide.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nikkei, the Japanese Financial Times, predicts that Nintendo will break 50 million worldwide Wii sales this month (thanks Kotaku).

If correct, that means the motion-sensing console will have amassed more worldwide console sales than Xbox 360 and PS3 combined. At last count - December 2008 - Microsoft counted 28 million global sales, while Sony's flagship machine tallied 21.3 million sales.

The Wii will have also reached the milestone faster than PS2. The race will then be to 100 million units, which PS2 managed to shift after five years and nine months on sale.

The Nintendo Wii entered the market in November, 2006, which gives the machine until October, 2012 to break that Sony record.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata delivers his GDC keynote address this afternoon from 9am PST (4pm GMT). He's rumoured to be making some announcements, and we'll be reporting every word live from the event.

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