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Wii PES 2010 patched on release

Brought up-to-date with real-world data.

Konami has alerted us to an upcoming and free bout of DLC for the Wii version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.

Simply, the update brings all player stats and data in-line with the real world. So, imagine a crazy universe where Robin Van Persie had been injured during international duty - if that was the case the game would reflect it. You might even find he was out of the Arsenal squad for six weeks! Just imagine.

We expect Konami will issue a few of these data refreshers as the season goes on.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is out on Wii this Friday, and we'll be discussing its pros and cons in a separate review. Maybe on Wii the match between Konami's and EA's game of football isn't so one-sided.