Pro Evolution Soccer 2010


Key events

PES 2010 patch and free DLC

That's my own goal.

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 23

Dragon Age, Beatles, Guitar Hero 5, FIFA 10, PES 2010.

Wii PES 2010 patched on release

Brought up-to-date with real-world data.

Japan charts: PES 2010 scores

Bayonetta dives, FIFA out of line-up.

UK charts: PES 2010 overturns FIFA 10

Forza 3, Borderlands, SmackDown appear.

PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

The revolution's coming, but not yet.

FeaturePES 2010: The Road to Redemption?

Seabass and company plot their comeback.

Pro Evo to work with motion control tech

Seabass looking at Natal and PS3 wand.

PES 2010 demo now on Live, PSN

PC sampler out there as well.

Konami confirms PES UK dates

PC, PS3, 360 go first in October.

PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

A 360-degree 180.

PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

Back from injury.

Kojima and Konami friends at gamescom

Seabass! Greyhound! Men without nicknames!

PES 2010 Wii detailed, out in autumn

New free-kick system, other tweaks.

Konami promises big with PES 2010

Going back to "simulation roots".