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Wii gift feature launches

Send people VC games.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Was your Wii aglow with the blue throb of progress this morning? No, I couldn't be bothered to check mine either. Apparently it's the new gift feature Satoru Iwata talked about when he last said there would be no price cut.

Also included, according to eagle-eyed Kotaku, is version 1.1 of the Photo Channel software. This reportedly adds personalised icons and removes MP3 support, but fortunately it's optional for those of you who value one more than the other.

As for the gift feature, it's quite simple - you select a game, hit a Gift button, pick a friend and add a personalised message and/or Mii and then send it. On the other end, they're transported to the Wii Shop to download the freebie.

So, will you use that? And is it actually appropriate to give someone a Virtual Console game for Christmas, or is that a bit rubbish?

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