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No Wii price cut, says Iwata

But: Wii Shop gift feature.

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has once again ruled out a price cut for the dementedly popular Nintendo Wii.

"We're still focusing on how to meet booming demand," Iwata said today in comments reported by the Associated Press. "We're absolutely not considering a price cut," he added. "Stop nagging!" he didn't.

Apparently production is delivering 1.8 million consoles per month, but Christmas demand is still expected to outstrip supply. Good thing we all bought one last year.

Of more immediate interest to existing Wii owners, however, is news of a new way of getting your friends to try stuff out - a feature that allows you to send Wii Shop games as gifts to your friends.

It takes "a few clicks" according to AP's description. Once the recipient says yes, the Wii Shop launches and the download commences.

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