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Wii, DS get new self-improvement titles

Nutrition Matters! Mind Storm 2! Etc.

505 Games has unveiled a new range of self-improvement games for the Wii and DS titled Mind, Body & Soul.

The idea is for users to "improve their everyday lives while having fun along the way", because videogames aren't just about having fun in a bid to improve our everyday lives these days.

First up is Nutrition Matters, which lets you track how many calories you're consuming and burning off. You can set targets and use the database to plan meals. The Wii version lets you use the balance board as a set of digital scales.

For the DS there's Big World Puzzle Book. It's got 1000 levels of word-based "puzzle action", along with a help mode and multiplayer options.

And finally there's Mind Storm 2, also for the DS. It sounds a bit like Brain Training, you'll be amazed to learn. It's out in April along with Big World Puzzle Book. Nutrition Matters will follow in mid-May.

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