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Whopper of a Diablo 3 patch arriving very soon on PC and consoles

Update: Rolling out now.

UPDATE 13TH JANUARY: The patch is rolling out now in Europe on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Full console patch notes and PC patch notes are available.

ORIGINAL STORY 8TH JANUARY: The expansion-like Diablo 3 patch, numbered 2.4, arrives simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before 15th January.

"The January 15th date is the start of the new season," said Diablo community official Brandy 'Nevalistis' Camel (in the comments) "We plan to release the patch prior to the start of [the new season].

"While we typically patch on Tuesdays, dates can always shift if we run into technical issues during deployment preparations. This is why we do not provide hard release dates for any patch."

Strikingly, patch 2.4 contains a whole new zone filled with new enemies - a rarity in this game. But Greyhollow Island, as it's known, also represents Blizzard doing things a bit differently.

You see, Greyhollow Island isn't designed to adhere to any existing story nor extend it. It's designed for Adventure mode, a mode designed to be played over and over. Therefore, Greyhollow Island is designed for exactly that: many, many playthroughs.

To that end, Greyhollow will be mysterious and leave the unravelling of those mysteries up to you, and in whichever order you wish, if you wish to unravel them at all. You may only be there for a quick bounty blitz. There's more about Greyhollow Island in a blog post.

Patch 2.4 also introduces special dungeons with special challenges that relate to special sets of equipment. If you have all the pieces, a portal will open up.

On top of that, 2.4 brings piles and piles of new legendary items and powers, which are more bonkers than ever as seems to be the trend with Blizzard and Diablo 3. Bigger numbers equal more fun, and we're long past the days of Blizzard being sensible - and the game is better for it.

The big list of patch notes for Diablo 3 update 2.4 can be found on

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