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Where has 3DS stock this weekend?

Eurogamer canvasses the shops.

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What are the chances of walking into a shop tomorrow and buying a Nintendo 3DS off the shelf?

Is there enough stock allocated to the UK to serve the pre-orders and then the spontaneous shoppers out there?

Eurogamer investigated.

Sainsbury's: "We have 3DS consoles in over 300 stores from launch this Friday. Availability is good and we will have a fantastic range of offers across hardware, software and accessories," Sainsbury's promised Eurogamer.

Buy a 3DS from Sainsbury's Harringay, London Colney or Lincoln at midnight tonight and pay £197. Standard price after will be £219.99.

Super Monkey Ball 3D and Rayman 3D are only £30 when bought with a 3DS.

ASDA: "I have looked into your inquiry and am assured we will have enough stock for anyone who wants to come to store to buy a Nintendo 3DS this Friday and weekend," ASDA told Eurogamer, patting its pocket.

ASDA stores will sell the 3DS for £197. Online you can pre-order at a special price of £187.

ASDA will also be opening 200 stores at midnight tonight to sell the 3DS. The Derby supermarket offers the first 100 3DS buyers a free game, entertainment and food.

If you buy a 3DS from ASDA within the first three days you can pick up one of the 3DS launch titles for £15. This deal is also effective online.

"We're expecting huge week-one demand, particularly for the weekend..."


Tesco: A spokesperson for Tesco told Eurogamer there will be enough stock for off-the-shelf buying tomorrow. Tesco sells the 3DS for £175 if you buy a 3DS game with it, which takes the grand total to £209.99. The flat Tesco 3DS price is £197.

Morrisons: Eurogamer was told by Morrisons that pre-order demand had been so high that shelf stock had been affected. We're waiting for an official statement.

Currys: "We are selling the Nintendo 3DS in all our stores and are confident that there will be stock available to purchase throughout the day," Currys told Eurogamer.

Currys carries a low 3DS price of £179. But there's a caveat: that price is only offered to the first 150 people queueing at Currys on Oxford Street tonight. The flat price for a 3DS at Currys is £197, with a £25 game-price incentive bolted on.

Toys 'R' Us: "For thousands of 3DS fans across the country who cannot make it at midnight, we can confirm that Toys 'R' Us will not be disappointing customers on Friday morning. Each of our 76 stores in the UK will be supplied with plenty of stock to cope with consumer demand," Toys 'R' Us told Eurogamer.

HMV: "In a nutshell: yes," HMV answered to Eurogamer. "But we're expecting huge week-one demand, particularly for the weekend - so the earlier punters come in to make their purchase the better. Better still, if they pre-order by Thursday we will guarantee them a 3DS - so we recommend that's their best bet."

HMV is the official launch 3DS UK launch partner, so more stock may be pushed its way. The HMV midnight launch bonanza we've written about before. Oxford Street HMV is the flagship venue down south; Liverpool One shopping centre HMV up north.

HMV sells the 3DS for a flat price of £197.

GAME: "Yes, as a punter there will be stock available at each store (both GAME and gamestation) for you to walk in and buy a 3DS," GAME told Eurogamer.

GAME sells the 3DS for £197. GAME's midnight launch plans we've written about before.

If you know of any other shops with 3DS stock availability, please tell us below.

Trade-in 3DS prices we'll try to cobble together separately. Feel free to drop Eurogamer a line and help us out.

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