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We're not rowing with Microsoft, says EB

Rumours of Oz-based fight are "bullsh**".

EB Games Australia has denied it's having a big old fight with Microsoft over busted Xbox 360s.

A report on Kotaku claims the retailer is stuck with AUD 10 million (GBP 4.5m / EUR 6m) worth of consoles after accepting them on behalf of customers looking to return faulty units to Microsoft. The platform holder has allegedly refused to take the units back, and there's a suggestion that EB Games has stopped stocking Premium Xbox 360 consoles as a result.

However, EB Games boss Steve Wilson has crushed the rumour rather definitively by telling the Sydney Morning Herald, "It's 99 per cent bullsh** really."

According to Wilson, the lack of Premium 360s in EB stores is down to strong demand over Christmas - and it's the same story with other consoles.

"If you go into our stores now you can't buy a Wii, you can't buy a DS, you can't buy a Pro 360, but you can buy an Elite or an Arcade 360," he said. No mention of PS3, curiously.

"AUD 10 million is 25,000 units - that's a ridiculous number," Wilson continued. "Even when we had the batch problem six months ago, we were talking about a couple of thousand units."

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