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Welcome to the new Eurogamer

Check out our quick guide to what's changed.

Hello and welcome to the new-look Eurogamer!

A lot has happened in the world of the internet since we last redesigned the website five years ago. We now consume content on a variety of devices, we watch just as much as we read, and our discussions often range beyond the boundaries of the websites where they originate.

So when we sat down at the end of last year and started talking about how we might redesign Eurogamer for a new decade, we quickly realised that whatever we came up with would need to match the scale of the changes going on around us, and would have to be built to last.

The new site is available in three versions: HD, Portable and Mobile. The HD site is for the majority of our readers whose desktops are much broader than the 1024s of the old days, but if you're on an iPad, for example, then you get the Portable version (which even rotates nicely).

We've also made sure that anything you can do on the HD version is possible on Portable and Mobile. That includes playing the Battlefield 3 launch trailer on iOS devices in our new HTML5 player, or looking up Ellie's classic Tony Hawk RIDE review in the pub using our new licensed Google search.

On the homepage, we highlight the most popular content on the left and the latest additions on the right. We use a unique algorithm to promote items that are catching your interest or are especially relevant at the moment - so even though our Battlefield 3 review is going up several days before launch, people dropping in on Friday should have no trouble finding it.

The left-hand navigation is slightly different too. You can now check whichever combination of boxes you like for platforms and content types to drill down into the areas that are most relevant to your interests. Wanna see PS3/360 reviews at a glance? Check the boxes and that's what you get.

You can also follow games now, so if you want to know every time we add new Doom 4 content to the site (and who wouldn't?) then follow Doom 4 and opt to receive notifications via email or through the on-site notification box. Oh, and you can tie your Twitter account to Eurogamer now, so if someone @replies you in the comments you'll receive a tweet letting you know.

There's a lot more to discover, so have a play around and see what you find. We know there are a few bugs still to fix and features to add, and we hope you'll be patient with us as we tinker in the next few days and weeks. Overall though we hope you like it once you settle in!

Tom Bramwell

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