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We finally unbox the Nintendo Switch

Plus: Digital Foundry's first impressions.

After Chris and Johnny's rather unusual Switch 'nonboxing' last week, Nintendo has finally given us the go-ahead to do a proper in-depth unboxing of their brand new system.

Rather than tackle such a daunting task on my own, I teamed up with Digital Foundry's very own Tom Morgan for this unboxing and I think our collaboration worked out rather well. Tom provides us with a wealth of technical insights and inside knowledge about the internal workings of the Switch whilst I get excited by the colours of the Joy-Con and the noise they make when you clip them into the base unit.

We also took the time to compare the Switch to some of Nintendo's original systems, so if you'd like to see how big a Joy-Con is compared to a Game & Watch, or how big the Switch's screen is compared to that of a classic Game Boy, we've got you covered.

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