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We Dare will not launch in the UK

Decision made "following public reaction".

Ubisoft has bowed to mainstream pressure and decided not to release controversial Wii and PlayStation 3 game We Dare in the UK.

It had been slated for release this Friday.

"Following the public reaction to the 12+ rating of We Dare, Ubisoft has made the decision not to sell the game in the United Kingdom," Ubisoft said in a statement issued this evening to The Daily Telegraph.

We Dare, which Ubisoft has maintained was designed for and marketed at adults, asks players to use the Wii Remote to virtually spank each other as they complete "flirtatious" mini-games.

"Use the Wii-mote and PS3 Move controller in unbelievable ways, as you've never imagined before... wave it around to the beat of your favourite tunes, old and new... put it in your pocket and act-out flirtatious actions..." reads the product description.

"Sometimes co-operative hugging helps, and it certainly doesn't hurt.

"And there's more! You can also use your Wii Balance Board for additional gameplay based on pure body mass... are you the lightest one in the group? Perhaps shedding some clothes will even the playing field... it'll definitely make the party more interesting!"

The game sparked a mainstream media outcry after PEGI awarded it a 12+ age rating – which it insists was appropriate for the content.

The game will still launch in Europe.

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We Dare

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