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WD_Black Xbox Series X/S memory expansion cards confirmed

Available in 512GB or 1TB sizes.

Western Digital has announced its previously-rumoured expansion card range for Xbox Series X/S.

This is the first alternative option to the initial Seagate expansion cards made available alongside the Xbox Series X/S themselves back at launch.

WD_Black's 512GB expansion card is priced at £90 ($80), while its bigger 1TB brother clocks in at £150 ($150). Both are available to buy now via WD_Black's website.

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In a nice touch, purchases of either card size will also include a month's free subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

How do these prices match up with the original Seagate cards? It depends where you shop, though you can get a 1TB Seagate card for the same price - £150 - pretty easily online.

The WD_Black 512GB card appears to be better value, however. GAME currently lists the original Seagate 512GB as £100, while Amazon has it at £109.

These cards boost your Xbox Series X/S console's SSD memory space available to store and load games - as well as Quick Resume them to get back into the action quicker. They're as easy to plug in as slotting in an old-style memory card, via a slot in the back of the console.

It is possible to store Xbox Series X/S games on regular USB drives, though these must be transferred back to the console's main SSD memory (or a memory card) in order to play them.

Do you still have space free on your console, or is it time to upgrade?

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