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Cheaper Xbox Series X/S memory expansion card coming

1TB WD_Black option spotted.

A new and cheaper option to expand the capacity of your Xbox Series X/S now looks to be on the horizon.

That's according to a swiftly-deleted retailer listing for a fresh 1TB expansion card in Western Digital's WD_Black range, which popped up on US site Best Buy before being removed.

The appearance of this expansion card is notable as it will be the first alternative option to the initial Seagate-made expansion cards launched alongside the Xbox Series X/S themselves.

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The WD_Black 1TB card is also slightly chaper, at $180 instead of the Seagate 1TB option's $200 (£220).

Microsoft previously stated it expected alternative options would come to market, but in the 18 months since launch, none from other manufacturers have yet been officially unveiled.

Meanwhile, Seagate has rolled out smaller and larger versions of its base 1TB expansion card in 512GB and 2TB variants - the latter of which will set you back $400 or £475.

These cards boost the SSD memory space available to store Xbox Series X/S games and load them quickly - as well as Quick Resume them to get back into the action quicker. They're as easy to plug in as slotting in an old-style memory card, via a slot in the back of the console.

It is possible to store Xbox Series X/S games on regular USB drives, though these must be transferred back to the console's main SSD memory in order to play them.

How's everyone's console memory situation faring? In need of a top-up?