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Watch: Xbox One indie games you might fall in love with

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Greetings, Eurogamers. Autumn is here and though we've been spoilt with Metal Gear, The Taken King and, to a slightly lesser extent, Mad Max, we're still waiting for 2015's final wave of blockbuster games to make landfall.

What better time than during this brief lull to catch up on indie games that might otherwise get lost in the noise? At EGX 2015 we caught up with five intriguing titles that will be gracing the Xbox One with their presence early next year.

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Elite Dangerous is also technically an indie game, by the increasingly distended definition of the word. It gets its full release on Xbox One this week, having emerged from the Game Preview Program.

This brings the console version in line with the feature set of the PC and Mac editions and smooshes their two versions of the galaxy together, as Show of the Week explains. Just don't die embarrassingly in the cold depths of space, as we have so many times.

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Finally, and speaking of embarrassing deaths, these AI companion characters should be ashamed of their complete lack of survival instinct. Wandering obliviously into firefights, hurling themselves into abyssal pits, all but prostrating themselves in front of murderous cultists - all of this stuff makes us feel less like a world-saving hero and more like an underpaid babysitter.

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That's all from us for another week, but there's plenty more on our YouTube channel. Oh, and if you're a fan of watching our videos and would like to advertise that fact on your torso, there is now a fetching t-shirt on the Gamers Edition website. We think you'd look great in it. See you next week.

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