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Watch: Weaponising the new two-seater buggy in Dying Light: The Following

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Dying Light expansion The Following adds a buggy vehicle in which to razz around the Harran countryside.

It's initially a two-seater skateboard with minimal zombie protection, but as you progress you can upgrade your new wheels with a protective electric cage and mine dispenser. We create a zombie minefield with the latter in the co-op gameplay below.

Cover image for YouTube videoDying Light The Following Gameplay - Mine Dispenser Zombie Minefield in Co-op Gameplay

In further co-op gameplay, intrepid agents Mike and Andy venture into the mid-apocalyptic New York of Tom Clancy's The Division and intrepidly let a flamethrower turret do all the hard work on a bunch of escaped convicts.

They hope you are taking notes ahead of The Division beta starting late this month.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Division Co-op Gameplay on Xbox One - Let's Play The Division (Ep. 1)

Lastly in the week's highlight reel, Andy tours the kookier corners of Fallout 4's Commonwealth.

Though Fallout 4 appears to be less all-out strange than its predecessors, lacking the Wild Wasteland weirdness of Fallout: New Vegas, there are still unmarked oddities to stumble across. Consider these peculiar places in the video below. Beware spoilers!

Cover image for YouTube videoFallout 4: 7 Places Where Fallout 4 is Freakier Than You Thought

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