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Watch: The totally trustworthy characters who definitely won't betray us

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Hello Eurogamers! You may have noticed our most admirable quality is how reliable we are. Every single week, we can be relied on to provide three videos of above average quality for your viewing pleasure.

Similarly reliable are these seven totally trustworthy characters who wouldn't dream of cruelly betraying us in a duplicitous power-grab during the third act of a videogame. We felt folks like that deserve to be celebrated.

Ah. Well, after that crushing disappointment, we might as well revel in the darker side of human nature. After we toured the weirdest locations in Fallout 4, our delightful community of commenters chimed in with the places that, to paraphrase the prophet Danny Dyer, freaked their nut out.

That's just the sort of stuff that happens when society irretrievably breaks down. The other thing that happens is that everyone creates rusty, cobbled together Mad Maxmobiles and tears across the landscape, flipping off speed cameras and flattening zombies as applicable. Dying Light's new The Following expansion, which features here in Show of the Week, serves up exactly that.

That's all from us for this week, but in spite of this bleak portrait of the human condition we definitely, 100 percent resolve to be back the same time next week with three more videos. No, really! Pinky promise. Just call us Outside Honestybox. See you next week.

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