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Watch: The bad guys who had a point, now we think about it

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

The ostensibly bad guy sometimes has a good point after all, when you think about it (we've been thinking about it).

Reconsider Streets of Rage 2's beleaguered barkeep Barbon, Batman Arkham Origins' took-it-too-far activist Anarky and did-what-he-had-to King Logan from Fable 3, just for starters, in the video below.

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Also among the rogues in the gallery above is Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Hugh Darrow. He's the Nobel-prize-winning father of mechanical augmentations who meant well, but ended up causing countless deaths, anti-augmentation prejudice and the so-called mechanical apartheid, as we see in the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Speaking of that game, here's new gameplay from it, in which Mike and Andy steer Adam Jensen through Mankind Divided's Golem City in their distinctive play styles: stealth and sweet talking on the one hand, and headbutting people on the other.

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Lastly in your Outside Xbox video tasting selection is Star Wars: Battlefront, which this week added Skirmish mode in a free update.

Skirmish brings one of Battlefront's most fan-requested features: the option to play offline matches (of the Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron game modes) against bots in a solo mission or in split-screen. Just Galactic Conquest to go and we'll be in Battlefront heaven.

A split-screen Skirmish match allows for either competitive or co-operative play; we went for the latter on the forest moon of Endor. Watch us tear through Imperial forces like a hot lightsaber through butter in the gameplay below.

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Those were this weekend's video highlights, please go about your business. You can also visit us at for yet more Outside Xbox videos.

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