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Watch: Six game worlds we'd really rather not visit, thank you

Wish you weren't here.

The weather in the UK has been rather lovely recently, hasn't it? All this sunshine might have been a little too much for us last week, but it didn't stop us day-dreaming about packing up all our video games and jetting off on holiday somewhere.

However, those dreams of lonely beaches and beautiful blue skies disappeared pretty quickly once we got our hands on We Happy Few earlier this week. Turns out, the town of Wellington Wells is a pretty horrible place; it's full of violent people, dangerous drugs and a lot of vomiting, and while that sounds like your classic 18-30's package holiday to Magaluf, it's certainly not the kind of place we'd want to visit for a relaxing summer getaway.

So, in recognition of Wellington Wells, a thoroughly awful place to go on holiday, here are six game worlds we'd really rather not visit, thank you very much.

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Finished watching the video? Then why not take a trip to the comments section below and let us know what video game location you'll be avoiding next time you book your summer holibobs. Have a great weekend!

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