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Watch: Sarcastic achievements that made us feel like an idiot

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

The emotions usually associated with unlocking an achievement or trophy are positive ones, such as pride or satisfaction, but a few games have prepared sarcastic low-value achievements that pop when you screw something up, just to rub it in.

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy, for example, serves up a measly few gamerscore points and a heaping helping of snark with an achievement for wildly inaccurate shooting called "Need Glasses".

2008's Secret Service, on the other hand, doesn't even sugar the sarcasm pill with gamerscore. You get precisely 0G for doing "The Exact Opposite of Your Job", which is to say, shooting the man you are employed to protect, which is to say, the US President. Discover these and other withering achievements that made us feel bad in the video below.

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Speaking of feeling bad while playing a game, that's exactly how we felt at the start of FIFA 17's The Journey story mode, when we were put in charge of a 10-year-old aspiring footballer and asked to take a crucial penalty in an under-11s tournament. Needless to say, we fluffed the kick, although it didn't seem to do too much damage to the kid's career; it wasn't long before we were signed to Arsenal, and thrown into our first pro appearances.

Our debut match, against Paris Saint-Germain in Seattle, asked us to finish with a match rating over 8.0, to create two chances, and to win the game, goals we mostly spectacularly failed to achieve. Still, it all adds to the drama, and at the end of the day isn't that what football is really all about? I'm sure Arsene Wenger would agree.

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Last of this week's highlights, Show of the Week examines Titanfall 2's single-player campaign, in which you play as Jack Cooper, a pilot who is forced to link with a Titan called BT-7274 after BT's original pilot tragically buys the farm.

As excited as we are for a dedicated Titanfall 2 story campaign to flesh out Titanfall's tantalising sci-fi universe, unmemorably named pilot hero Jack has his work cut out. Not just with befriending a bereaved bot out on the dangerous frontiers of space, but also with setting himself apart, when video games are already crowded with dudes named Jack.

Show of the Week considers the competition, and how much more or less compatible these other Jacks might be with potential robot BFF BT.

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