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Watch: My favourite typing games

Johnny runs away with the Eurogamer Show.

Working for a site like Eurogamer, you quickly come to realise that everyone on staff has a little gaming niche they're secretly head over heels in love with. Martin Robinson is a big shmup fan, for instance, while Aoife's Stardew Valley addiction currently has her one chicken silo away from a full-blown intervention. My secret passion (for my sins) is typing games. It really doesn't matter what the premise is - if you need to type words to get ahead, I'm into it.

With that in mind, I hijacked this week's Eurogamer Show to bring you some of my favourite typing games - three free browser games, two PC titles you'll need to shell out for. Give the video below a watch and feel free to share your favourite typing games in the comments. Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility if the Mario Teaches Typing theme gets lodged in your head.

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