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Watch: Ian play 2D paranormal thriller Oxenfree

Live at 3:30pm.

I first heard about Oxenfree over the weekend when I saw a few developers chatting about it on Twitter. From what I can gather it's kind of like a 2D Until Dawn with a little bit of Life is Strange thrown into the mix as well.

I absolutely adored Until Dawn (LiS not so much, but don't tell the rest of Eurogamer) so I'm actually pretty excited to try this one out. If a narrative driven adventure game with a paranormal twist sounds like the sort of thing that interests you, or like me you've heard people talking about the game and just want to see what the fuss is about, make sure to check out my stream at 3:30pm.

Oh, and just incase you are wondering, all you need to do to watch the stream is press play on that there video below and wait for it to start. See you in there!

Cover image for YouTube videoOxenfree - Live PC gameplay

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