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Watch: How many of his voices can Nolan North do in 60 seconds?

Charted territory.

Being the stand-up gent that he is, Nolan North was up for pretty much every silly video idea we put to him when we met at Sony's UK headquarters last month. We chatted about his voice acting and performance capture for the Uncharted series, we talked briefly about his role as the Ghost in Destiny, and the last thing we managed to squeeze into a twenty minute slot (apart from his excellent Vine collaboration with Ian) was a quickfire challenge where North would attempt to do as many of his past voices, as listed on his IMDB page, as he could within sixty seconds.

I think he did a bang-up job, especially considering how long ago some of these jobs were. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

Cover image for YouTube videoHow many voices can Nolan North do in 60 seconds?