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Watch: Ghostbusters VR Now Hiring ruined my childhood

Total protonic reversal.

If there's something weird, and it don't look good. Who you gonna call? Well, that would be me, I guess.

Ghostbusters: Now Hiring, a Playstation VR experience was stealth released by Sony Pictures earlier today but only for the US store.

Costing $6.99 and lasting only 10 minutes, it seemed like Now Hiring was doomed from the start, but the lifelong Ghostbusters fan inside me still wanted to play it enough that I jumped through a bunch of hoops and managed to download it from the US PlayStation store.

I expected Ghostbusters: Now Hiring to be a bit rubbish. The screenshots and the trailer weren't great but if a 10 minute experience could put me one step closer to achieving my childhood dream of becoming a Ghostbuster and letting me explore the Hook and Ladder building and drive Ecto 1, then hey, what's the problem? Batman: Arkham VR was short, so was Star Wars: X-Wing VR mission and both of those experiences were excellent!

What I didn't expect was to be trapped in a hellish loop of repetitive dialogue thanks to a game breaking glitch stopping my progress. It was one of the most aggravating, frustrating VR experiences I've ever played, and I've played Ace Banana.

If you fancy watching me lose my rag at the ghost of Patton Oswalt, you can do so in the video below where (after several restarts) I play through the entire demo.

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Is Now Hiring worth $6.99, definitely not. Is it fun? Not really. It has some charming moments which fans of the recent movie may enjoy but even without the glitches it's an utterly forgettable VR experience.

Limited interactivity, gameplay that wrestles control from you at unexpected moments and subpar graphics make it an underwhelming experience at best and it's one I definitely wouldn't recommend.

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