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Boo! Ghostbusters game suddenly releases for PlayStation VR

Act 1 available, lasts around 10 minutes.

A new Ghostbusters VR game has appeared out of nowhere.

Ghostbusters: Now Hiring places you in the boots of a new recruit, hands you a proton pack and tasks you with capturing Slimer (again).

Only Act 1: Firehouse is now available, priced $7, and it is only said to last around 10 minutes. We haven't yet seen it land on the UK store.

Future episodes are still under consideration, and there's no word yet on when they may launch.

"We put out chapter one, if people like it and see what they want, then we can add chapter two and keep going," Sony Pictures exec Jake Zim told io9. "Ghostbusters is so big you can kind of go all over the place."

Here's a trailer:

Watch on YouTube

We'll keep an eye out for the game when it lands here in the UK - let us know what you think if you do take the plunge...