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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Watch: Explosion make time go bad in Quantum Break

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Early in time-manipulation adventure Quantum Break, you have to escape a university science lab as protagonist Jack Joyce accompanied by Jack's brother Will, who may have just caused time to catastrophically shatter.

In better news, time breaking down irreparably has given Jack sweet time powers, such as time bubbles he can fill with bullets, a time dash that lets him zip over short distances in an instant, and a time shield that stops him getting time shot in the time face.

Witness us putting these abilities into action in the Quantum Break gameplay footage below, in which you will also find smart Will attempting to explain what is happening to the denser Jack. This includes the phrase "explosion make time go bad". Whoa there, egghead, slow down. Can you simplify it a bit?

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In most games, you have to work your way up to a confrontation with the villain. Sometimes, though, a convenient opportunity to off the antagonist presents itself early on, and instead of seizing the moment and saving yourself hours of hassle, you let it slip by. Consider these times you could have killed your nemesis much, much earlier and been home in time for dinner.

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Finally this week, and in yet another way we are like the Chuckle Brothers, we play a real-life game of Hitman, directing a real-life Agent 47 dispatched to assassinate an arms dealer in a real-life swanky mansion. How do we do as Diana? There is literally only one way to find out.

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