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Watch: Aoife learns how to play Beasts of Balance

Bear with us.

What do you get when you cross a warthog with an octopus? Deeply unnerved, is the answer, if Aoife's time spent playing Beasts of Balance is anything to go by.

Beasts of Balance - which formerly went by the name Fabulous Beasts - has been on our radar for some time now and it's finally nearing completion. Intrigued by how one combines plastic pieces with a tablet-based game based around keeping all the animals in your kingdom beautiful and happy, Aoife sat down to learn how to play with the game's head of communications, Alex Wiltshire.

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"The butt is where you find all the good stuff." I'm not sure I could have put it better myself. Anyway, hopefully you found the above video instructive even if - like Aoife - you found all the tentacles a bit disturbing.

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