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Watch an early 30 Flights of Loving prototype

"Domingo's dropped out..."

Over on his Youtube channel, Blendo Games' Brendon Chung has posted an early prototype of his brilliant spy thriller, 30 Flights of Loving.

The footage dates from 2008, and it's fascinating to watch. Back then, the sequel to Gravity Bone contained "guns and dialogue and depth of field and a lot of bullets", according to Chung. In other words, while the setting and characters and situations seem to have been the same, the tone of the whole thing was completely different.

The finished game takes a lot of its power from the fact that it doesn't have guns and dialogue and lots of bullets (depth of field is neither here nor there, really), so prepare yourself for a bit of a shock. Chung's currently hard at work on Quadrilateral Cowboy, incidentally, a hacking game in which you write your own code.

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