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Watch time-lapse videos of Thirty Flights of Loving coming together

Orange you glad about this?

Hello! Remember Thirty Flights of Loving? Remember Borges and that trolley dash? Remember Bernoulli and his principle? Brendon Chung's examination of the power of cinematic editing is one of my games of forever, I reckon, and Oli approved too.

Anyway, Chung's now released a bunch of time-lapse videos in which you can watch elements of the game coming together. This is a particular treat for a game like Thirty Flights, where so much of the appeal comes down to the bits and pieces that make up the world. In short, if I'm going to live in a murky totalitarian state, I want to be spied on by cameras that ghost through the night sky on little hot air balloons.

Oh man, and the videos are accompanied by some smooth jazz. Oli would probably approve of that too.

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