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Watch a massive Elite: Dangerous fleet jump into hyperspace

Sci-fi cool in a way most games can only dream of.

When Elite: Dangerous is good, it's really really good.

The video, below, shows what happens when 52 players meet at the centre of the virtual galaxy then jump into hyperspace at the same time. It's sci-fi cool in a way most games can only dream of.

The players involved are part of the Distant Worlds fleet, which gathered at the same instance at Sagittarius A* without melting Frontier's servers. They then counted down to a collective Frameshift jump.

As documented on r/EliteDangerous (via Kotaku) the mass jump left a beautiful trail of high wakes streaking across space - and put Frontier's server under immense stress.

Here's how it happened, in player Dr. Kaii's words:


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