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Watch: 60 minutes of ZX Spectrum inspired shooter Z-Exemplar

Live at 4pm GMT.

We do a lot of live streams on Eurogamer's YouTube channel, but normally we'll only stream new or unreleased games so you lovely lot can get an idea of how they play before forking out your hard earned pocket money.

Our regular Eurogamer Wednesdays streams (like this one) are a little different though. Sometimes - if we get the opportunity - we will stream a new game, but mainly we use this weekly slot to stream games we are currently enjoying.

That's why this week I'll be spending an hour playing the ZX Spectrum inspired side-scrolling shooter Z-Exemplar which I've been plugging away at since it released earlier this week.

There are plenty of nods to the golden years of gaming in Z-Exemplar so, if you fancy a trip down memory lane or just want to see something a little bit different, do tune in at 4pm today and join me for some lovely retro-like gameplay.

Cover image for YouTube video60 minutes of Z-Exemplar gameplay - A ZX Spectrum inspired shooter

Here's a question for you - what was your favourite side-scrolling shooter on the ZX Spectrum? Zynaps? Salamander? Maybe Nemesis? Mine has to be the mighty R-Type - tough as nails but a legendary game none-the-less.