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Warren Spector may only work on three more games ever

He'll be "vilified" about this one.

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Warren Spector says that he may only end up working on three more games in his life due to the amount work and time they take to produce.

"Game development requires an intense amount of energy," Spector, who is 52 years old, told Eurogamer in an interview published today. "It requires a level of focus and dedication and belief and confidence and time. What it means, in an ideal world, I may work on five more games in my entire life. More likely probably three given how long they take."

At the moment he's hard at work on something at Disney, which recently acquired his Junction Point Studios, but he's not prepared to discuss the project in any detail as yet. What he is happy to do is comment on the likely hardcore gaming response. "I don't have to speculate," he joked. "I know what it's going to be. And I can't wait. Oh my God. It's going to be like the world came to an end. Absolutely. I'm going to be vilified. I'm going to be accused of selling out, yet again. It's going to be glorious. Just glorious."

Elsewhere in the interview, Spector revealed that he has not spoken to Eidos Montreal about Deus Ex 3, although he has spoken to "people inside Eidos" about it, and that he worries about how it will turn out. "I'm concerned only because... for Invisible War, for all its successes and all the risks it took, it just proved how delicate the Deus Ex game style is. And so people who haven't worked on it... they'll bring something new to it, which is good, but will they understand what made it work? I don't know."

He also talked about the difficulty of making games like Deus Ex, and how he never wants to make or play another 20-hour videogame.

We suggest you head straight on in to find out what else he talked about.

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