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Warren Spector joins System Shock 3 and Underworld Ascendent studio

OtherSide Entertainment snags the man behind both franchises.

Warren Spector is joining Boston-based developer OtherSide Entertainment to work on as a director on successors to two of his most beloved titles: System Shock and Ultima Underworld.

One such game, Underworld Ascendent, raised $860,356 last year on Kickstarter. Ultima Underworld designer Paul Neurath launched the crowdfunding campaign last year for this modern successor to the 1992 first-person RPG. It will star star the original voice of Thief protagonist Garrett, Stephen Russell.

System Shock 3 was teased in December and while little is known about this sequel, OtherSide noted in its announcement that Spector will head development on this highly anticipated project.

"Warren has acted as a Creative Advisor to OtherSide since the studio's inception," the developer said of it new hire. "Following the end of this semester's classes at UT Austin, he will transition into a full-time position as one of OtherSide's Studio Directors. Warren will continue to help in a creative capacity on Underworld Ascendant and, later this year, ramp up and lead the team developing System Shock 3."

Last year developer Night Dive Studios acquired the rights to the System Shock IP and is currently developing a remake of the first game.

"When the opportunity to have a bigger role in bringing Underworld Ascendant to life, as well as playing in the System Shock universe once again, helping to bring these games to a 21st century audience, I just couldn't say no," said Spector. "Working on System Shock was one of the most fulfilling things I've done in my career and it's hard to describe how much I'm looking forward to sharing with players what Shodan has been up to since the last game was released."

Spector's most recent video game work was at Junction Point Studios, a now defunct Disney company that made Epic Mickey and its musical sequel, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.