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Warhammer Online beta

Sign-up now to take part.

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French MMO outfit GOA has announced that sign-ups for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning are now open.

It coincides with the launch of the new European website in the build up to the game's worldwide launch in early 2008.

To join the beta test you simply have to fill in a few forms and register on the site. But don't be too hasty, because you'll need to upload your system specifications, which requires you sitting at the computer you want to play the beta on.

There's also no word on when the testing will actually begin, although we expect it won't be until autumn time.

Warhammer Online is in development at EA Mythic, and is being co-published by GOA and EA. It's an MMORPG that takes part in the familiar world of lead figures many of us painted as nippers - and maybe still do. Here Order and Chaos are firmly at war with each other, and you'll take up the fight on one of the two sides.

It's one of the big hopefuls in the genre, and like World of Warcraft and Lord of Rings Online comes complete with a strong brand association.

We had a little peek at it earlier this year and found it to be a unique and interesting offering. Head over to our Warhammer Online first impressions for more information.

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