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Voice actor hints at new Ratchet game

Working on it with Insomniac "currently".

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One of the principal voice actors in the Ratchet & Clank series has said that he is working with developer Insomniac on "more R&C" at the moment.

Insomniac is best known for the Ratchet platform games and PlayStation 3 first-person shooter series Resistance, and actor David Kaye plays Clank in the former and protagonist Nathan Hale in the latter.

Asked by Shogun Gamer (thanks Destructoid) where we can expect to hear him next, Kaye gave the impression that a new Resistance is further down the line than a new Ratchet, despite recent hints about the former.

"Don't know about Nate," he said. "There are some interesting developments always coming from Insomniac Games. We're working on more R&C currently."

Insomniac was first thought to be working on Resistance 3 after a billboard for the game appeared in Louisiana on the set of a film being produced by Sony subsidiary Columbia Pictures for release in 2011.

Last week the developer said it would unveil its latest project before the Penny Arcade Expo at the start of September, where one of its PlayStation 3 projects would be on display.

There's been no word on more Ratchet since the launch of A Crack in Time late last year, but Insomniac has since signed a multiformat publishing deal with EA Partners to produce a game based on new intellectual property for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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