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Video: We play Armello with the devs

Grin and bear it.

If you've been keeping an eye on Armello, League of Geeks' lustrously beautiful digital board game, you'll know that its Early Access build got a big update last week that included all manner of tweaks and additions. You'll also know that one of the game's playable animal characters is a bear called Sana, and that Sana, well, she's the worst.

Buckle up, in other words, because Chris and I have played an epic match against two of Armello's developers - and the bear rivalry gets pretty nasty at times.

We have two videos of the match for you - one is an edited highlight reel and the other is the full thing that clocks in at over an hour. Have a look and see what you think? Armello is a dazzler.

The highlights!Watch on YouTube
The entire game!Watch on YouTube

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