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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Video: Watch us play Steam hit Unturned

Minecraft meets DayZ meets inevitable success.

It's been the toast of Steam these past few days, so we figured it's about time we had a look at the latest indie phenomenon Unturned. A free-to-play survival game with hints of Minecraft - as sturdy a recipe for success as I've ever heard - it's been riding near the top of Steam's most-played list of late.

Unturned is the creation of a 16-year-old too, which is mildly shocking. Kids these days, eh? When I was that age I was just happy to neck a litre of Dr. Pepper, eat a couple of sausage sandwiches and sit around playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 all day.

Ian Higton's going to be streaming his own voyage of discovery in Unturned from 3.30pm, and you can catch it all for yourself right here.

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