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Video: The weirdest fighting game endings of all time

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Well hello there Eurogamers, we hope this missive finds you well. Hopefully you haven't been thrown into a volcano by a member of your immediate family, or forced to serve pool-side cocktails in a G-string by your adoptive son. If that's the case, you're almost certainly having a better day than a fighting game character.

We're not sure exactly why fighting game endings are quite so unhinged, but it must be something to do with the fact that if fighting games had realistic endings, they'd be a disgusting horrorshow of snapped limbs and pulverised faces. Fortunately, we've got this madness instead:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe 7 Weirdest Fighting Game Endings

Talking of insanity, why is it that, instead of a professional facility designed to help troubled people, all videogame asylums are terrifying haunted houses full of dangerous murderers? We've corralled the seven gaming madhouses guaranteed to send you crazy:

Cover image for YouTube video7 Asylums in Games Guaranteed to Make You Crazy

Finally this week, like seemingly everyone on the planet, we've been playing the Destiny beta. The only problem is, there's not enough of it to sate our thirst for space-venturing. So in Show of the Week we've come up with a list of things to try once you've bounced off that level cap.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week: Destiny and 5 Things To Do When You Finish The Beta

That's your lot for this week from Outside Xbox, but if you like this sort of thing why not drop in on our YouTube channel, where there's plenty more.

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