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Video: The most baffling game adverts that somehow got made

And more from Outside Xbox.

Hello Eurogamers, welcome to your weekly video gift basket from Outside Xbox. We considered drumming up interest in this week's post by producing an ad, but the video game adverts we watched by way of research put us right off the idea.

It shouldn't be hard to make an advertisement for a game. Show some game footage, tell people the price, maybe stick some dubious accolades on there. Or you could slap together some inexplicable madness that has nothing to do with what you're selling, that's good too.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe 7 Most Baffling Game Adverts that Somehow Got Made

Also this week, we turned to Science to discover exactly what Alien: Isolation does to the human body. Specifically, Mike's human body. Mike strapped on a heart rate monitor and played the nerve-shredding Alien: Isolation E3 demo, which adds synthetic humans and a flamethrower to the mix. He began with a pulse of around 70bpm and the only way is up.

Cover image for YouTube videoThis Is What Alien Isolation Does to Your Heart (and Face)

Finally, as the last generation of consoles recedes into the distance, Show of the Week takes its eyes off the road to the future of video games and looks back to the Mass Effect trilogy: as glorious an RPG space opera as we could have have hoped for. Join us to salute BioWare's sci-fi saga and recognise Shepard's most violently erratic Renegade interrupts.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week: Mass Effect's 7 Most Deranged Renegade Moments

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